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Asphalt Paving

As one of the largest private buyers of asphalt in Michigan, our pricing is competitive, and with our experienced asphalt paving crews, our quality cannot be matched. Quality comes from experience, and our paving foreman have over 70 years, and thousands of miles of asphalt under their belts. We pride ourselves on generations of employees that ...

Parking Lot Reconstruction

If you’ve got ailing pavement, call ASI. We’re known in the industry as the parking lot reconstruction specialists. Many projects come to us in need of a complete parking lot reconstruction plan that calls for more than just standard paving and repair. At ASI, we don’t need to call in the specialists for your paving job, we ...

Asphalt Repairs

ASI specializes in performing asphalt repairs. Saw cutting, removing, and replacing deteriorated asphalt, as well as more complex asphalt repairs, are what we do on a daily basis. We will come to your site and clearly identify those areas that are in need of repair, mark them in the field, and provide you with a detailed map showing sizes and locations along with our proposal. Once work begins, ASI will provide barricades, saw cut with our own sawcutter, and remove and replace the pavement. The work will be performed fast and efficiently, so that you are back in business.

Pavement Pulverizing

Pulverizing is a process that recycles your existing asphalt pavement as a reliable sub-base to help stabilize the current ground conditions and provide stability for your new asphalt pavement. Pulverizing is also the most economical way of reconstructing existing pavement. Not only does pulverizing save our clients money by reducing the cost of hauling away excess material off-site, it increases the depth of the sub-base and recycles the existing asphalt.  Pulverizing is such an effective construction procedure that ASI owns and operates two pulverizers of our own. Subcontractors often hire ASI to use the equipment.

Asphalt Milling

Asphalt milling is an extremely effective and economical way to remove a wearing course, or remove asphalt full depth, and replace the site with new asphalt. ASI is one of the only contractors in Southeast Michigan that owns and operates our own full-size mill.  In 2012, we purchased and began operation of a Wirtgen W210 Cold ...

Aggregate Base

 At ASI we use a stone aggregate to provide a sturdy base layer for your asphalt lot, this creates the best outcome for your asphalt area. An aggregate base refers to the sub-layer material of a parking lot or roadway. This base consists of a mix of crushed concrete or stone and dirt. This aggregate base ...

Full Depth Reclamation

Full depth reclamation, or full depth recycling (FDR), is a process that rebuilds worn out asphalt pavements by recycling the existing material. Old asphalt and base materials are pulverized using a specialized machine called a reclaimer. On top of the pulverized material, water is added to reach the optimal moisture content for compaction and then a variety ...

Soil Stabilization

For over ten years, ASI has been one of the only asphalt companies in Southeast Michigan to specialize in soil stabilization.  This is the use of Portland cement or Lime mixed into the existing soil to provide strength. With the cement mixed in with the existing soil it alters the soil’s long-term physical properties, making it ...

Underground - Edge Drain

 Edge drain is a drainage system installed under a road or parking lot to collect subsurface water and creates a passage for the excess water. We use edge drain to create drainage beneath the pavement surface. This is important for your parking lot or roadway because the drainage will runoff into an outlet location instead of ...

Commercial Grading

ASI’s dirt division is unsurpassed in quality in the industry. We have always felt it is important to handle all of our grading services in house, so that we can have complete control of the schedule, as well as the quality of work.  We pride ourselves on having the best operators in the industry running the ...

Concrete Installation

Through a variety of sub-contractors, ASI installs miles upon miles of concrete curb and gutter every year.  We coordinate these services for owners and general contractors on a daily basis. We also install dumpster pads, sidewalks, and other concrete surfaces that our customers need us to coordinate during the course of our construction.

Crack Filling, Seal Coating, and Striping

Through a variety of quality sub-contractors, ASI performs these essential services on a regular basis: Crack FillingWe understand the importance of crack filling, and it's role in helping preserve asphalt.  We perform overband crack fill, as well as routing and filling. Seal CoatingASI subcontracts millions of square feet of seal coating on an annual basis. We believe that ...

Ultra-thin Overlay

At ASI, we want your roadway or parking lot always looking good. If your asphalt is starting to crack or has small puddles, an ultra- thin overlay may get the job done. This process involves removing one inch of the existing asphalt and repaving a new 1” wearing course. It brings a nice finish to the ...

Engineering & Planning

We pride ourselves on something very few asphalt paving companies can provide for their clients; top notch pre-planning and engineering services on all of our projects. ASI boasts four full-time, in-house engineers that are familiar with, and understand all of our equipment, our capabilities, and proper drainage patterns that will affect the long-term health of your ...

Design & Consulting

If you are seeking a contractor to take on a project from both of a design and consulting point of view, but more importantly a warranty aspect, ASI is your contractor. The traditional process of having a design consultant go out and get bids often creates additional costs for the owner as well as puts the contractor ...

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