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1780 E. Highwood, Pontiac, MI.
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ASI’s dirt division is unsurpassed in quality in the industry. We have always felt it is important to handle all of our grading services in house, so that we can have complete control of the schedule, as well as the quality of work.  We pride ourselves on having the best operators in the industry running the best grading equipment available.  We own and operate 15 bulldozers, three road graders, three excavators, 15 backhoes, and over a dozen vibration earth compactors to ensure proper stone grades and assure the ground is firm and on grade prior to asphalt paving.

We perform 100% of our grading work ourselves to control multiple variables critical to the outcome of each project. These variables determine the schedule as well the quality of work, including:

  • Confirming the ground is solid to support the pavement and taking the necessary steps to achieve this 
  • Insuring the subgrade is “on grade” 
  • Scheduling one of 15 of our experienced grading operators 
  • Utilizing state-of-the-art grading equipment that is maintained properly and always in our possession

Asphalt Specialists, Inc
1780 E. Highwood | Pontiac, MI 48340
Toll free: 800-ASPHALT (800.277.4258)
Local: 248.334.4570
Fax: 248.334.4135

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