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Underground - Edge Drain

 Edge drain is a drainage system installed under a road or parking lot to collect subsurface water and creates a passage for the excess water. We use edge drain to create drainage beneath the pavement surface. This is important for your parking lot or roadway because the drainage will runoff into an outlet location instead of collecting on your road surface.

ASI installs miles of edge drain on an annual basis, and adjusts and replaces thousands of catch basins.  The ability to understand and manage ground water is an important aspect of preserving asphalt.  Our years of experience have proven to us that installation of edge drain is one of the most important aspects of building a quality pavement.

The benefits of using edge drain are:

    • Inexpensive
    • Easily Installed
    • It decreases the amount of water on the surface of the road, allowing less maintenance associated with constant wet roadways
    • Allows the ditch and base to dry out
    • Keeps sub-strata from saturation, which is critical during the freeze-thaw cycles


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