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St. Ephrem Catholic Church- Ultra-Thin Overlay

October 19, 2017

During our project at St. Ephrem Church, we installed an ultra-thin overlay.  An ultra- thin overlay involves removing  one inch of the existing asphalt and repaving a new 1” wearing course.  This is best used in asphalt areas just beginning to crack or with small puddles.  It brings a nice finish to the existing parking lot or road.

As seen in the pictures, the new pavement  is much more pleasing to the eye and will prohibit water from infiltrating the parking lot base.  With the smooth surface from the ultra-thin overlay, we will be able to stripe and create a great look for your parking lot or road at a fraction of the cost of full removal.  The method is cost effective for companies that want their parking lots and roads to look good, without a large capital expense.

Ultra Thin Overlay



Ultra Thin Overlay



Ultra Thin Overlay

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