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Mobile Home Communities

Kimberly Estates

Mobile Home Communities
ASI was awarded this mobile home community in 2016. On the east and west side of the community two inches of asphalt was milled and 56 catch basins total were wedged and prepaved. There will be two inches of new asphalt laid where all milling has been done. Along with the communities roads we will also be milling and repaving two inches of asphalt on driveways throughout as well. Although this job is still undergoing some construction, we are making great progress and it looks fantastic so far. Great job ASI Services Used: Asphalt Paving Underground - Edge Drain Asphalt Milling

Oakridge Estates

Mobile Home Communities
ASI was awarded a contract to pulverize, reshape and pave Oakridge Estates. After pulverizing existing road, ASI reshaped the road to be crowned in the middle of the street so water can drain properly to the concrete curb and gutter. To finish off the project we will lay 2.5" of leveling course asphalt material and compact. As you can see from the pictures this job is still in progress, but so far so good! More pictures to come.... Services Used: Asphalt Paving Pavement Pulverizing Underground - Edge Drain