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Paving for Any Size Project

As one of the largest private buyers of asphalt in Michigan, our pricing is competitive, and with our experienced paving crews, our quality cannot be matched.

Parking Lot Reconstruction Specialists

ASI specializes in the reconstruction of existing sites. We operate our own equipment, and our experienced in-house operators understand how important, in our Michigan climate, a solid foundation is to building a quality parking lot.

Asphalt Milling Specialists

ASI is one of the only paving companies in Michigan that owns and operates their own mill. Proper milling techniques allow for proper drainage and improve the quality of pavement.

Engineered to Last

With over 40 years of combined experience, our engineers plan properly to insure quality work on every project before any asphalt is paved.

Full-Depth Reclamation

Real value and real quality for a long-term solution; Full Depth Reclamation recycles existing base material and stabilizes the ground by providing a concrete-like base for pavement.

Ultra-Thin Overlay

ASI wants your parking lot to look good at a fraction of the price, check out our Ultra-Thin Overlay service.

Built to Last. The Asphalt Paving Specialists.

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St. Ephrem Catholic Church- Ultra-Thin Overlay

October, 27, 2017
During our project at St. Ephrem Church, we installed an ultra-thin overlay. An ultra-thin overlay involves removiing one inch of the existing asphalt and repaving a new 1" wearing course...

Design Build at Magneti Marelli

October, 27, 2017
The Magneti Marelli project was a fast-tracked $1.9 Million Design Build project that was an expansion of the existing parking lot. ASI is able to handle your total project from design to finish...

ASI Business Hours- Genesys Regional Hospital

December 4, 2017
Many companies may not be able to afford shutting down during business hours or may be open 24 hours a day. At ASI, we pride ourselves in minimizing the effect that the construction...

Why Choose ASI paving.

  • ASI works around you.

    At ASI, we are fully committed to work around your schedule! We will do everything in our power to minimize the effect on your business during the parking lot rehabilitation process. Our experienced management team will work with you to provide a detailed work schedule prior to beginning construction. This schedule will be reviewed and approved by you before we begin. Learn about our interruption free paving.

    We are a Design Build company.

    At ASI, we are your one contact for all your parking lot and roadway needs. With our experienced team of engineers, we can design a parking lot in its entirety. We currently have six paving crews and over 15 dirt crews to assist in the completion of work. We also have all our own equipment, including pulverizers, milling machines, hauling trucks, asphalt pavers, bull dozers, rollers, and compactors. We have everything we need to get the job done. Learn more!

    Quality and Safety are #1

    Our Project Management Team is dedicated to making sure that quality and safety are #1! One of our core values is “details make the difference”. To make sure our customer is getting the most cost effective, safe, and efficient asphalt job, ASI will map out a plan for your parking lot or roadway needs. At ASI, we want to share your vision so ASI can make it a reality.

    We work hand in hand with you during the construction process!

    As a business, we work hard to ensure that the customer is satisfied. Our main mission is to make sure that your investment into the parking lot helps your business bring in more profit. Our work ranges from major road rehabilitation to smaller parking lots in a variety of industries. Check out what our customers have to say about us.

    We're experts at milling, pulverization, and soil stabilization.

    ASI is the only company in the state of Michigan that self performs soil stabilization (including Full Depth Reclamation), pulverization, and milling along with our asphalt paving division. We do so to give you the best possible parking lot and roadway within your budget.

    • Milling- Is the process of grinding off the asphalt to allow for a new topping course. This can be done from an ultra-thin 1” mill to full depth asphalt replacement.
    • Pulverization- Is the process of crushing your existing asphalt, recycling and re-using it on-site for use as a reliable sub-base to help provide stability for your new asphalt pavement.
    • Soil Stabilization- Is the use of cement or lime for stabilization on the existing sub-base material to improve the soil strength without the need for full excavation and removal of the unstable soil.

Contact Our Team

For over 25 years we have been servicing Southeast, Michigan. We have a team of long term, highly-trained members who will provide a plan and services to fit a customers needs. ASI emphasizes quality in all aspects of construction; from design to underground to stone base to asphalt paving. 


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Asphalt Specialists, Inc
1780 E. Highwood | Pontiac, MI 48340
Toll free: 800-ASPHALT (800.277.4258)
Local: 248.334.4570
Fax: 248.334.4135

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