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Parking Lot Reconstruction

If you’ve got ailing pavement, call ASI. We’re known in the industry as the parking lot reconstruction specialists. Many projects come to us in need of a complete parking lot reconstruction plan that calls for more than just standard paving and repair.

At ASI, we don’t need to call in the specialists for your paving job, we are the specialists.  We own and operate all of our own in-house equipment; pulverizing, removing, milling and stabilizing the existing asphalt with crews that have been with ASI for over a decade. In fact, we’re the only asphalt contractor in Southeastern Michigan that owns a pulverizer, large mill, a fleet of excavators, backhoes, and dozens of other specialized machines to perform this work. And that’s just our short-list.

What makes us experts at this work is not just our "on-call army" of equipment, we’re also one of the only companies that offer our clients pre-construction engineering. We believe pre-engineering each job is critical to the outcome and long-term health of your pavement. Our designers and engineers will provide internal topos and designs for all fix-points and proper drainage. We also understand the importance of implementing edge drain installation in almost all parking lots.

Our crews will work with residents and local businesses to safely get in and out of sites expediently, for minimal disruption in the area. Proper safety planning is essential on your job, that's why we own over 1,000 safety delineators to ensure your customers are never in harm’s way. We’ll also put our teams to work during unconventional hours to minimize downtime during business hours.

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Careers at ASI

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